Preliminary Program Topics

Preliminary Program Topics


  • Minor cannabinoids – pre-clinical findings and clinical potential
  • Cannabis and the brain
  • Cannabis and older Adults
  • Cannabis and Covid-19
  • Stress, anxiety and the endocannabinoid system
  • Is cannabis the cure or the cause for mental illnesses?
  • Short- and long-term consequences of cannabis consumption
  • Cannabinoids and women’s health
  • The microbiome and cannabinoid metabolism
  • Updates on medical cannabis and gastrointestinal conditions
  • Cannabis academic programs around the world
  • Medical cannabis for pediatric patients
  • Cannabinoids, neurological disorders, and neuroprotection


  • Innovative delivery methods for cannabis
  • New markets – New opportunities
  • Marketing strategies in medical cannabis
  • Hemp: global trends
  • Labelling of cannabis products
  • The effects of the COVID pandemic on the cannabis industry


  • Cannabis genomics and genetics
  • Advances in cannabis quality control
  • The advantages of small-scale growing operations
  • Is vertical growing the future?